Pullman City - Die lebende Westernstand - Eging am See/Passau

The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) provide answers to frequently asked questions from visitors. In the four categories “Tickets and admission prices”, “Accommodation”, “General Information” and “Payment” you can quickly find the topic you are interested in.

Tickets and entrance fees

The Karl May Games are included in the admission price to the western town of Pullman City. Therefore there are no separate tickets for this. You can buy the tickets in advance online in our ticket shop. Click here to go to the shop. Of course, you can still buy tickets on site at our box office. All visitors are free to choose their seats on the Karl May stage. We therefore recommend taking a seat in the stands about 30 minutes before the show starts.

Golden Tickets can be redeemed on a day of your choice and are valid for day entry, including event highlights and the Karl May Games. No registration is required in advance when redeeming the tickets.

Please register in advance with our group department at or 08544-974918!

Authentically dressed people whose outfit meets all requirements and specifications receive free entry (subject to change). It must be clothing from the period 1740 to 1860. Our trained cashier staff checks the clothing directly on site and decides whether the guest has to pay entry or receives free entry based on the outfit.

In the calendar you can find out when entry is free for each day under “Prices and opening times”.

Outside show times you can visit the restaurants for a period of 2 hours. Please ask the staff directly at the checkout.

The tickets can be presented digitally or in printed form at the box office.

In this case, please contact Laura Six at

Entrance tickets are not included in the overnight price. Overnight guests can only purchase tickets on site as these tickets are discounted.

Overnight guests cannot purchase tickets in advance as these tickets are discounted and only available on site.

Tickets can be purchased either directly at the box office or in advance in the online shop.

Under Opening times & prices you can select the day you want and view the daily admission prices.

Stay overnight

Power outlets are available in all cabins and teepees.

Entering the western town by car is not permitted. Please leave the car in the parking lot. A handcart can be rented at the checkout for a deposit of 20 euros.

Wood can be bought directly in the western town. A jute bag of wood costs 5 euros. You have to bring your own meat and coal.

There are collective barbecue areas that can be used.

Please inquire directly at the Pullman campsite. Inquire now.

The minimum stay is two nights in the entire western city. For special events it can also be three or four nights. You can find out more about the desired overnight stay category under “Details”.

You can find the minimum occupancy for each room or cabin category under “Details”.


The current room occupancy cannot be viewed directly.
You can use our online form to book available rooms or make inquiries about the respective room. Our reception staff will also be happy to provide you with information. You can reach them at 08544-9749-50.

No, please leave your luggage in your car until check-in.

Until 10 o clock.

From 2 p.m.

Only in the Hotel La Hacienda are there additional sofa beds in the rooms.


General Information

Reservations are generally not possible for organizational reasons.

As an overnight guest you will receive an overnight wristband; as a day guest you can get a stamp at the checkout with which you can leave and re-enter the western town.

The parking lot is operated by an external partner. The western city of Pullman City has no influence on pricing.

You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. However, bringing your own alcohol is prohibited.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash.
Price for dog per day €1.50.

Attention: Due to the extremely loud pyrotechnics, it is unfortunately forbidden to take dogs onto the Karl May Grandstand for the safety of your dog and also for the safety of other guests!

Overnight stay with dog:
POSSIBLE, except in the Palace and La Hacienda hotels.
For dogs you pay €12.50 per animal per night.

Unter Öffnungszeiten & Preise können Sie den gewünschten Tag auswählen und das gesamte Tagesprogramm einsehen.

Upon request in the town office, we are happy to provide our day and overnight guests with charging stations for electric cars. Please register your loading requirements with date, time and license plate number at in advance. Only limited contingent available.

This measure is funded by the Bavarian Tourism Promotion Program. You can find more information here.


Yes, there is an ATM next to the sheriff's office in the middle of Main Street.

You can pay with your debit card at the checkout in the Town Office, at the entrance, at the reception, in the Rodeo Steakhouse and in the Western Store. We also accept Visa and Mastercards, V-Pay and Maestro, as well as American Express. Please note: The deposit for overnight accommodation must be paid in cash.