Jetzt Übernachtung buchen

Southern flair & a view over Main Street

If you want to celebrate a wedding or hold a conference with up to 100 guests, you go to “Scarlett's”. If you want to have a good view over Main Street or see the colourful sea of lights at the Christmas Market from above, you go to “Scarlett’s” top floor. And if you want to chat in peace over a glass of wine in the evening, you also go to “Scarlett’s”.

“Scarlett’s” at the end of Main Street stands out clearly from the rest of the buildings with its total white and blue whitewash. Its columns and veranda remind you of a settler's house in the Southern states and evoke memories of the American melodrama "Gone with the Wind" from 1939. Although the main character Scarlett O’Hara is a right madam the viewers and readers still took her into their hearts.

You also simply have to love “Scarlett’s” in Pullman City: in an elegant southern atmosphere there is everything here from Bavarian roast pork to turkey schnitzel, from salad to goulash soup, from sausage salad to pizza and spaghetti. Children in particular are happy with the Lucky Luke children’s schnitzel, chips and wiener sausages. Cakes and gateaux or warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and cream are served as dessert.

Also: Special menus and buffets for birthday, company or Christmas parties, weddings or any other family celebrations. Just ask us and we will organise your very own personal Western style party.