Hudson Bay Taverne
Immerse yourself in the world of trappers

The wooden structure rustic Hudson Bay Tavern in the valley of Pullman City reminds us of the archaic and tough times of the fur trade around 1880. "Here, quite far away from the hustle and bustle of Main Street, time seems to slow down even more", says Ilona, the landlady. After the American History Show you meet trappers and Indians from the History area here in an informal and rustic atmosphere. When it’s cold outside you can warm up by the stove, in the summer you can listen to handmade folk and country music under the trees in front of the hut.

Party in a rustic Western setting

Share news by dim candlelight, stand casually at the bar or sit comfortably on tree trunks. Listen to the fire crackling and when the restaurants on Main Street have long closed their kitchens you can still get an air-dried pepper sausage with bread in Hudson Bay late at night. Wet your whistle with buffalo blood, trapper’s fire or the legendary Hudson Bay rum. But a word of warning: the home brew made with maple syrup and vanilla has already knocked one or two cowboys out. It’s not without good reason that the Hudson Bay is also called “the valley of death”. It’s a good idea if you don’t have to drive and can stay overnight in Pullman City.