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Black Bison Saloon
Burgers, cowboys, Formula 1

The Pullman City cowboys used to be really tough guys who didn’t even dismount their horses when they wanted to go the bar. They simply rode into the Black Bison Saloon through the swing door to order a glass of whiskey. One of them once hit his head badly on the door frame. A huge white bandage was wrapped around his head and there is still a photo in the Music Hall next door as a reminder of this.

The saloon experienced its latest highlight in autumn 2012, when the former racing driver Niki Lauda picked “his” men up here from the poker table for a Formula 1 ad. “We’ve got a job,” he called out to the four RTL sports presenters in the saloon, “we’ve got to head West, to Texas.” Umpteen Pullman City extras in true to original Western clothing were also used in the filming, for example the show girls as barmaids.

The bar in the saloon is almost as long as the whole room at more than ten metres and the room holds approx. 120 guests. Soloists, duos and trios perform on a small stage providing live music in an informal atmosphere. And smaller bands play authentic Country music outdoors on Main Street at the weekends. Poker tournaments take place regularly in the saloon where a bottle of Jack Daniel’s can be won. But you don’t have to go thirsty if you don’t win: there are soft drinks, juices, beers, schnapps and liqueurs, whiskeys, long drinks, sparkling wine and wines, tea and coffee here.

Are you hungry? How about an "Argentina salad" with strips of barbecued beef, house dressing and bread? Or perhaps you fancy one of the six Old West burgers with chips, a crunchy salad and special homemade sauce? They are the bestsellers in the saloon. Anyone who feels the urge for a game afterwards can simply go upstairs to the Billard Saloon.

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