Billard Saloon
Over the rooftops of the Western town

Five billiard tables, air hockey, two dart machines, table football and several slot machines in a side room plus an outdoor billiard table: in the Billiard Saloon above the Black Bison Saloon you can forget about the world around you for hours on end. If the weather is good, it’s great to simply sit on the terrace and enjoy the view over Main Street, the American History Show or various highlights such as the US Car Meet, Higland Games, Harley Meet and Quad & ATV Meet.

Enjoy the show programme on the terrace

Besides the usual drinks, the landlord Bebbi also provides drinks for sharing such as Goaßmass, Isarmass, Schneemass and a 20 litre Goaßkandl. Anyone who orders this should make sure that they have lined their stomach well beforehand, for example at the Steakhouse, Saloon or the Mexican restaurant.

A guest who rode in on an unusually large mule from Stuttgart had obviously also lined his stomach well. The horseman unceremoniously directed his mule up the long staircase with lots of loud banging to drink four wheat beers in total sitting on his mule on the terrace. The landlord Bebbi asked him if his "horse" was also thirsty. “I can't pay for that", answered the man from Swabia. But the man had his animal well under control as he rode down the stairs again without further ado.