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Pullman City Stores
Souvenirs, boots and dream catchers

Traditional Western clothing, special Indian jewellery, famous brand jeans or even leather jackets – you can buy a whole load of souvenirs to do with the Wild West in our numerous stores! Our House of Light where you can buy candles and winter accessories or deck yourself out with Pullman City merchandise articles also opens when the Christmas market starts.


Do you want a souvenir of a lovely weekend or a little gift to take home for your loved ones? Or simply some special, stylish everyday fashion? Then pop by and take a look in our stores!

Pullmans Fashion
and Style


What used to be the Western Store, is now Fashion and Style – you can still find the perfect Western outfit and much more too.


For Kids


Toys, jewellery and a whole load of sweets – children will really want for nothing here! Our Toys for Kids shop is a must for anyone who is into sweets.



Pullman City


Do you want to have a leather jacket,°club t-shirt or horse blanket embroidered with your favourite motif? Then you’re in just the right place at the Stitchery!




Anyone entering the Pueblo Shop is immersed in a sensuous world. For one moment you walk a bit slower, look a bit closer and leave your everyday stress behind you in the shop owned by the half-blood Indian Hunting Wolf.


Goodmans Indian Art Gallery


Genuine silver and turquoise Indian jewellery, watches, gemstones or hair accessories – anyone looking for something special goes to Goodman’s. Or have portraits or funny group photos taken in the Oldstyle Photo Studio.


Old West


Sämtliche historisch-anmutenden Holzschilder, Wegweiser und Beschriftungen in Pullman City stammen aus der Hand von Black Leo. Fast alle seine Bilder und Exponate haben mit dem Reiten und dem Wilden Westen zu tun, seiner Leidenschaft, seinem Leben. Hier kann man sie erwerben.