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An accessible day trip
The day trip destination for people with disabilities

The, Internet portal that aims to make it easier for people with disabilities to plan their recreational time and holidays was a guest here and came to the following conclusion:

"Pullman City is accessible for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties."

All the important areas can be reached without using any steps. The only exceptions, each with one step at the door, are the church, “Big Tipi”, the cabins and the bathhouse. The gravel paths do not have a deep covering of gravel and are generally very even (e.g. hardly any potholes). However, you have to be prepared for some inclines when visiting Pullman City. The first 16% incline is at the entrance. It is therefore recommended that you are accompanied by someone who can help push you!

The shops, restaurants and other buildings on Main Street usually have a small threshold of 3 cm at the most in front of the door, which can be easily overcome. Sometimes there is not very much space inside the shops so that it is difficult and sometimes impossible to turn the wheelchair around.”

You can find all the detailed information about the locations’ individual assessments at

Thank you
for your efforts and the amount of detailed information for our visitors. 

Reserved parking spaces

There are 4 disabled parking spaces in the Pullman City car park. They are located approx. 100 metres away from the Pullman City entrance. The path to the Pullman City entrance is partly gravel and partly tarmac. There are no steps but there is a 16% incline.

Accessible locations

Main street,


“Main Street” is the heart of Pullman City. The Western Shows, live performances by musicians and music groups and much more take place here.

Main Street does not have any steps or inclines. There is no guiding system for the blind. 

Music und Dance Hall,


All kinds of live performances take place here, in particular by Western music bands, show sets and much more.

This event venue does not have any steps and is accessible with no incline. There is no guiding system for the blind. Guide dogs are welcome. The lighting is rather dim. There are round tables which allow for eye contact with everyone.

Show arena,


All kinds of breathtaking show sets but mainly animal shows are offered in the show arena.

The show arena can only be accessed via an 18% incline. Wheelchair users should definitely have someone with them who can help push them.

Accessible toilets

Pullman’s Main Street, ­Centre

The toilet can be accessed from the Pullman City entrance without any notable inclines and no steps via a gravel path with a thin layer of gravel.

Black Bison Saloon, ­Restaurant

It can be accessed from the Pullman City entrance without any notable inclines and no steps via a gravel path with a thin layer of gravel.

Pullman Show Arena, Riding Hall

The Show Arena and therefore also the disabled toilet can be reached via a gravel path with no steps. However, you do have to overcome an 18% incline.