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Indian culture and mythology
Talks in the Mandan Earth Lodge

Who better to report on the culture of Indians than the half-blood Cheyenne Indian Hunting Wolf? Every year he visits the reserves to talk to the Native Americans there so that he can impart their knowledge to people in Europe. 

Reports from the reserves

In the Mandan Earth Lodge he tells us about the current problems on the reserves, unemployment and criminality but also the Indians’ past, their closeness to nature, the Pow Wows, the great dance festivals, and their wisdom still today. With his flute playing Hunting Wolf helps us to be still and reflect, recognise our everyday stress, discard this weight and find ourselves again. 



We also observe his closeness to nature and animals in the American History Show, when he drives his bison through Main Street with lots of love and respect. Indian jewellery and other accessories can be found at Pueblo Kiosk or at Goodman’s.