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American History Show
45 minutes of American history

The American History Show is the highlight of the Pullman City show programme (except major events). In roughly 45 minutes the show team portrays the most important periods in American history from the settlement, declaration of independence, gold rush, pony express and 1861 Civil War to the displacement of the Indians.

Cowboys and Indians gallop past on their horses, there are funny street scenes to watch and the half-blood Cheyenne Indian Hunting Wolf drives his archaic bison through Main Street with a great deal of emotion.



Carriages and free-running bison on Main Street

On some weekends lots of hobbyists and authentic reenactors take part and there are even some among them who watch the show from home by webcam when they can’t be there themselves. The American History Show is history brought to life, it is informative and shows sad episodes as well as funny scenes and moments of success. It is presented live and accompanied by suitable, atmospheric music. When the cowboys ride past at full pelt they usually kick up huge amounts of dust.