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Cantina Mexicana
Tortillas, tacos, chilli and co.

Friendly waitresses in elegant dresses, Spanish-Mexican music, candles, rustic wooden tables, space for 150 guests and a large selection of Mexican dishes – that's what makes the Cantina Mexicana stand out. Crunchy tortilla chips, tacos with hot salsa and soft wheat tortillas with spicy, tasty turkey are just a few of the house specialities. There are also marinated chicken wings, Argentinean roast beef, succulent grilled spare ribs and much more.

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Book a table at +49(0)8544-97490

Besides beer and soft drinks there are of course also desperados, sangria, caipirinha, tequila & co. Experience the nostalgic atmosphere at large tables in the front, enjoy a freshly tapped Pils at the little bar or take a seat on the terrace on Main Street or in the small conservatory away from all the hustle and bustle. And above all: enjoy your meal! Que aproveche!

Also: special menus and buffets for birthday, company  or Christmas parties, weddings or any other family celebrations, from rustic to Mediterranean (with 15 people or more). Just ask us and we will organise your very own personal Western style party.