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Motorfor groups
12. till 13. April 2019
Pullman Bikers Weekend
Bikes, Shows und Party
29. May till 1. June 2019
US Car-Treffen
Coole Schlitten, Bikes und Partystimmung
27. till 29. June 2019
Harley Treffen
Harleys, Rock 'n' Roll und der American Way of Life

Events, Shows, Music
A constant stream of highlights – Yehaww!

During the season a variety-packed, non-violent show programme with cowboys, Indians and free-running bison, trick riding, knife throwing, lassoing, horse trainers and magicians is shown from spring to late autumn. A whole load of rockabilly, horse, music, car and bike 
events round off what we offer. We do of course take a lot of photos that are published in our event photo gallery.