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Event overview

14. till 25. August 2018
Pferd und Reiter Camping
Campen vor den Toren der Westernstadt
25. August 2018
Rinderkurs mit Andy Pfaffl
für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
HorsesSpecialsfor groups
27. April 2019
Pullman City Club-Orientierungsritt
Eine Herausforderung für Jung und Alt
HorsesHighlightfor groups
25. till 26. May 2019
Starke Pferde
Kutschen und Kaltblutpferde in Action


Events, Shows, Music
A constant stream of highlights – Yehaww!

During the season a variety-packed, non-violent show programme with cowboys, Indians and free-running bison, trick riding, knife throwing, lassoing, horse trainers and magicians is shown from spring to late autumn. A whole load of rockabilly, horse, music, car and bike 
events round off what we offer. We do of course take a lot of photos that are published in our°event photo gallery.