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Celebrating in the Western town

A wedding needs far more than just a sterile room in a registry office and a church blessing in the afternoon. Celebrate your wedding in our Western town and turn the most wonderful day of your life into a real experience for you and your guests. You can choose between two ceremonies. Whether it’s in authentic old style or Indian clothing, a classic wedding dress or Rockabilly look, we make your dreams come true and take care of the°champagne reception, wedding cake, musical entertainment, wedding menu, accommodation and much more.

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This special day is all about two people declaring themselves willing to share their life together. Sense the romance of the Wild West atmosphere and slip into the roles of ladies, gentlemen, Indians and much more. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or whether you’re already divorced for a wedding in Pullman City, as it is not a legally recognised marriage.

Get married just like in the Wild West – whether with a justice of the peace or as a secular wedding!

Wedding ceremonies

Indian ceremony

The half-blood Cheyenne Indian Hunting Wolf will accompany you on this special journey and hold a preliminary discussion
to talk through your goals and desires.

Ritual - smoking of the wedding location with white sage
Flute music - sensitive improvisation for the bride and groom
Drums - symbolising the "heartbeat of Mother Earth"
Invocation of the Four Cardinal Directions
Conclusion -  "owl dance" for watchfulness over the marriage

Wild West Wedding ceremony

Get married just like in the Wild West – in our St. Joseph’s Church in an authentic setting just like in the years 1740–1880. The justice of the peace “Big Al” accompanies you in a personally arranged wedding ceremony where he refers to you and your relationship in an emotional speech and ceremonially hands you the wedding lassos that stand for a long and happy marriage.

“Big Al” was sworn in as a justice of the peace by the Western town’s marshals in 2010.
It is an honour for him to accompany couples on this wonderful day.

Secular wedding

Do you want a ceremony arranged totally to suit your tastes? Then besides the Western Special ceremony there is the option of a secular wedding. Couples can get married here on the Hudson Bay stage in front of the romantic Wild West backdrop.

A really special experience in the Western town’s wooded valley.

Additional offers

2-day entry price  •  Overnight stay in a honeymoon suite  •  Stagecoach ride  •  Champagne reception•  Musical entertainment  •  Nostalgic photo with photographer •  Coffee and cake at Scarlett’s  •  Breakfast buffet at Music Hall •  Pullman City Show programme  •  Floral decorations and wedding bouquet •  Doves •  Wedding cakes and various buffets  •  Cowboy games for you and your guests

Cowboy for a Day 

We are happy to organise funny “cowboy games” for the bridal couple and wedding guests: e.g. lasso throwing and horseshoe pitching, arrests, tours of the park, gold panning, archery and much more.

Group programme


Buffet, catering or á la carte – anything is possible in the Western town’s restaurants. We put together the perfect wedding menu personally for you. Naturally the restaurant is also festively decorated, in consultation with the wedding couple.



We will organise the accommodation for your wedding guests based on your wishes. In our rustic log cabins, in the holiday park or luxuriously in our "Palace Hotel", to suit your guests’ tastes.



Verena Wurm
Head of the Group Events Department

Robert Schlägl
Team guide, group excursions

Ursula Max
Weddings, team guide, singing