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Pullman City, the "living Western Town" in Eging am See, is a leisure and theme park idyllically situated on the edge of the Bavarian Forest. Children and adults have been able to experience the Lower Bavarian "Wild West" here since 1997 – with archery, gold panning, pony rides, live country music, line dancing and the romance of the campfire.


During the season a variety-packed, non-violent show programme with cowboys, Indians and free-running bison, trick riding, knife throwing, lassoing, horse trainers and magicians is shown from spring to late autumn. The highlight every day is the American History Show – informative, exciting and funny at the same time.

Next events

FamilySpecialsHighlightfor groups
23. December 2021 till 13. February 2022
Wild West Winter
die Westernstadt im Lichtermeer
25. December 2021
Rock Christmas
„Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht“ – nicht in Pullman City
26. December 2021
mit Schön- und Schiachperchten, Glöckler und Wolfauslassern
27. December 2021
Rockabilly Day
Boogie Woogie meets Wild West
28. December 2021
Bayerischer Abend
Bayerische Musik, Brauchtum und Gemütlichkeit
29. December 2021
Rock Night
Abrocken zwischen den Feiertagen

Day trip destination for adults and children

The heart of Pullman City is the authentic area. “Hobbyists” from near and far have built simple wooden huts there to portray and live America’s history with a passion.

The Pullman City holiday park, elegant “Palace Hotel” in Main Street, log cabins and lodges with campfires, tipis and authentic tents and campsite next door offer more than 500 opportunities to stay overnight. The many restaurants, bars and cafés invite you to eat, drink and while away the hours.

  • An exciting show programme
  • Live music from country to rock
  • More than 1,000 accommodation options
  • Themed restaurants
  • Shops & stores 
  • Bars and parties in the evening
  • Fun and games at the Kids Club
  • A paradise for horse lovers
  • Wild West adventures