From the UK, Jump Blues four piece, The Devil’s Cut Combo are filling vintage dance floors across Europe and turning heads across the globe. They stand out not only due to their effortless style and authenticity, which drive an infectious beat of hot early 50’s R’nB, Rockin’ Blues and Boogie Woogie, but also by the delivery of their exceptional original material - incomparable on the scene today. With the release of their EP Hot Foam Shave (GOTCHA Records) in 2015 they have gone from one nighters in the UK to packed festivals and weekenders across Europe. The title track and songs such as Flat Tyre Groove, Pay My Rent and Bottom Shelf Bourbon Meltdown have been played on radio stations worldwide. 2017 started off with a sizzling tour of The Netherlands and Belgium, followed by a succession of hot shows up and down the UK. The Devil’s Cut Combo are now working on their first full length album, to be recorded in San Francisco this October, at the legendary Bigtone Records studio with award winning bluesman Big Jon Atkinson. The Devil’s Cut Combo have raised the bar for authenticity on the 50’s roots music circuit attracting attention from the 40’s swing scene, blues aficionados and rockabilly crowds alike. Being believe rs in camaraderie on (and off) the stage, the combo have built up an extensive repertoire of hot R’n’B original tunes, and with their debut album coming out later this year, they look set to shake up everything we know about Rhythm ’n’ Blues.