Reelin’& Rockin’Rhythm and Soul with NICO DUPORTAL & HIS RHYTHM DUDES

While some try, with more or less success, to loosen the ties of the blues, others take pleasure in solidly anchoring this music in the muddy bed of the Mississippi… Still others are able, with great skill, to draw nourishment from the very marrow of the music, whilst delighting in a fine exterior layer of modern ingenuity and fertile imagination. Nico Duportal is definitely of this last variety. The performances of Jimmie Vaughn, Ray Charles, Luther Allison and others, including Matt «Guitar » Murphy, left their mark on Nico, who made it his duty to complete his secondary education within punk and pub rock bands, before throwing himself body and soul into the unyielding study of the blues and rhythm & blues enjoyed by his Dad.

Since graduating, the erudite expert of the 12 bars has not stopped celebrating the art of Ike Turner, Larry Williams, Little Richard and their entourage throughout the four corners of Europe and across the Atlantic. Nico Duportal has accompanied such legendary and pioneering artists as Lynwood Slim, Lloyd Price, saxophonist Big Jay McNeely, harmonica player R.J. Mischo, and the queen of rock n’roll herself, Wanda Jackson. This bedrock was strengthened still further by an invitation all the way from the west coast of the USA: to play his guitar alongside Kid Ramos on a track on the CD Wrapped Up and Ready, by the all-star Californian line-up, The Mannish Boys, on the renowned Delta Groove label the Holy Grail for any blues guitarist or self-respecting musician on the scene…

These days, the album Dealing with My Blues is casting its voodoo enchantment over all the respectable record players owned by unwavering audiophiles like your good selves. The 100% original repertoire fruitfully blends various influences including Louisiana rhythm & blues, early soul, Rockin’ Gospel, jungle, elements reminiscent of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and even calypso. Big names like the American guitarist, Kid Ramos, and his compatriot, the American roots music singer, Big Sandy, aren’t wrong in giving their wholehearted praise. It’s a perfect demonstration of the combined talents of Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes that makes an incredible machine made to get crowds jumping.


Nico Duportal: Vocals, Guitar
Thibaut Chopin: Bass, Upright Bass
Pascal Mucci: Drums
Olivier Cantrelle: Organ, Piano
Alex Bertein: Baritone Saxophone
Sylvain Téjérizo: Tenor Saxophone
Alain Lesparat: Sound engineer